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Allens Mobile Notary business performs notarial services at different locations upon requests out of Maryland. They are new in business and needed branding and business cards to establish their place in the market and credibility. 

The company’s brand values are focused on credibility, efficiency and quality. The brand needed to display professionalism and trust to invite the notary person to come to your door. A serif typeface was used to show the traditional roots and incorporate credibility. The feather tip in the "A" was added delicately to represent the business. The use of navy blue and green color represents authority, and the authenticity of the brand. To reflect trust, the client wanted to have their photo on the business card.
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My project was great. my friends and co workers love outcome, high quality product. Isha was very professional all the time and when I had setbacks, she was very patient.
— Alice Allen, Founder of Allen's Mobile Notary


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