Differentiate Deloitte by creating a storytelling culture and promote the best of Deloitte from the client’s perspective highlighting the positive impact on their business and society. By providing a platform to engage potential clients to see our exceptional work and breadth of experience we can showcase how Deloitte is a leader in the marketplace.
Main Objectives
Clients regularly ask us, “Where have you done this before?” So we want to promote unique and compelling stories that showcase Deloitte’s superior capabilities that differentiate us from competitors. To showcase Deloitte as a leader in the marketplace on the critical issues for our clients, the goal is to launch a standardized cross-Deloitte program with broad engagement across all businesses and a focus on “storytelling.” This will also build growing enthusiasm for teams across businesses to participate.
Overview of a story page
of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content and client stories are one of the most impactful ways to engage with clients and prospects.
Target Audience
We are targeting an external audience of deloitte.com page visitors who are clients or potential clients to drive awareness of Deloitte’s capabilities and the ultimate success of our clients. Our audience may be aware of the services Deloitte offers, but unaware of the impact Deloitte has on their clients and the success they guide them toward would potentially be drawn to hiring a competitor.
Market Research
Based on the market research we concluded that our competitors feature top client success stories on their home page with easy navigation and searchability for their full set of stories. The most compelling stories are told from the client's perspective, are concise, and highlight client impact. Lastly, the most engaging content incorporates vibrant graphics, the human factor, and a consistent style.
Competitors names have been hidden for confidential purposes
Overall we needed to create an immersive experience that enhanced our stories with…
Scrolling effects
Intrigue users to explore and keep scrolling. Especially for long content, it keeps them engaged and spending more time.
Bold typography and imagery
More than words on a page, typography can be treated as art complimenting the imagery and helping lead the viewer throughout our stories and entice them to explore.
Data visualizations
An important aspect of storytelling is letting the impact numbers tell their own story. Represent data with sophistication and precision.
User Experience
We wanted to create compelling storytelling and an increased level of engagement through world-class visual design and intuitive functionality. By making stories dynamic, it will give an experience for the reader and continue to emphasize on world-class visual design with minimal content. The goal was to make it elegant, human-centered, and minimalistic. It should engage both types of readers; skimmers and deep divers.
User journey
Initial Sketches
Visual Identity
Since the campaign is called "The Ripple Effect" we created an abstract simplified graphic representing ripple. To comply with Deloitte's brand guideline, the hero image is a circular motif represented in a clearform. 
Other hero options
Website - Hub page
The hub page showcases the main featured story, along with the other iconic stories (up to 6 stories). It encouraged engagement through elegant design and compelling content and excites the user to continue reading through our success stories. Once there are more than 3 stories in the carousel, the background will be a parallax scroll and the carousel will be a horizontal scroll. 
Website - Individual Story Page
The individual story page follows the interactive template for consistency among the stories and streamlined, repeatable page development. The design supports compelling storytelling and an increased level of engagement through interactivity and intuitive functionality. The basic skeleton of the story includes a header, big intro statement, the situation, the solve timeline, big solve statement, the impact, and final big statement. At the end of the page, the viewer can browser for other stories.
Other story mockups
Downloadable PDF
On the web page, the user is able to download a PDF version of the story. To keep it print-friendly, the layout is 8.5x11, and changed the dark background to white. We took the webpage layout and made it adaptable into a print layout so it’s downloadable. Designed each section (cover, the situation, the solve, and the impact) on a separate page for uninterpreted storytelling and visual enhancement.
For the launch and promotion, we utilized the Deloitte.com page, internal d.net page, social media, email/newsletter, and other digital promotions. 
The Impact
Next steps... storytelling continues
The project is continuously being worked on and soon you'll see:
- All stories library page
- Filtering system through the story library
- Tag system that lets you view all stories in one category (ex: power and utilities)

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