Outfix Application
Outfix is a style app that improves your style in the most efficient way and makes assembling outfits easy and fun. It is developed for many users and aims to reduce selection time when selecting an outfit. In addition, Outfix helps the user connect with their friends through the app and helps them share feedback on each other’s chosen outfit for the day. 
User Experience
Outfix is as simple as having a style Guru. Offering unique solutions that can beneficial for everyone regardless of their style choice. Since selecting an outfit is a frustrating process for many people, whether they have no motivation or they do not care much about style, the app uses its artificial intelligence to create pre-made outfits based on different categories. Moreover, you can organize your wardrobe virtually by sectioning each piece of clothing into a category. 
Overview of the app animation
Marketing Commercial 
Branding & Visual Identity Process
Since Outfix believes in styling through simplicity, the logo represents the same values. The logo itself is an “O” with a gradient to represent layers of fashion and a styled look. The app is called “outfix” because it allows you to fix up your outfits. The name hints at its functionality; combining both ideas, playing with the words and the name rolls off the tongue. Also, it sets the tone and identity of the app.
Unique Benefits
This app is useful for any individual. The unique feature of Outfix is that you can view your closet value, what percent of your wardrobe you’ve already worn and your 5 most and least worn clothing. In addition to the following:
Final iOS app screens
Outfix watchOS final design
Outfix watchOS is designed for quick interaction of the content that users care about the most, which is choosing an outfit. The user can quickly shake their wrist for different randomized outfits, or press and hold one selection and shake again. The app is in sync with the user’s calendar, so it sends notifications on the watch to remind the user to choose their outfit. 
MicroMarking Website
Outfix Marketing Microsite serves to educate the viewer on Outfix application. It engages the customer to interact with the website, and eventually download the app.
Target Audience and UX Research
Most individuals start caring about their clothing style starting as soon as middle school and continue to care about their style until their late adulthood. Therefore, Outfix is an app that can be beneficial for any age group. Although, this app will mainly appeal to demographics of people between the ages of 13 to 55, including all genders. It is for those that care about fashion, want to present their best selves forward every day, and want to save time.
Ideal user flow
Site map
Process and Insights
Outfix first started as a very complex app that slowly drove to its true purpose. In the beginning, it had an avatar, 360 rotation and snapchat like filters as your clothes. Driven by simplicity, all of those extra features were removed to keep it easy and to the point.
Insight 1: After research and testing prototypes, I realized the app was too complex with all of its "advanced features." Consequently, I decided to have three main screens (like snapchat) for the app. The main landing screen(picking clothes), the message screen(swipe right), and the settings screen(swipe right). This allows the user to not be confused and simply be able to use all the features of the app.
Insight 2: I realized having an avatar in the app took away from its simplicity and the overall look. Therefore, I only had masked clothing and a dark background screen for the better visual interaction. In addition, I took away a lot of the icons that made the app complex and simplified the calendar feature.
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