Seven Seas Rebranding
Seven Seas, formally known as "I am Water" is an ocean conservation organization that believes in conservation through transformative ocean experiences. The project is to create a new logo design that will work in digital media, in collateral, on the web, and on social media. Additionally, create a branding system that will embody the organization’s values and goals. The brand style guide will include the company’s mission statement, vision, typeface, logo variations, the color palette, the do’s and don’ts and its web form. 
My Goals
My goal is to create a young, fun yet an impactful design system. The design concept will have a modern touch with an accent of playfulness. The logo will represent a simple ocean related symbol that outlines the company’s mission. It will be a mix of literal and abstract representation. 
Full brand book layout
Old Brand
The old brand was named "I am Water" which did not say much about the organized.
Process and Sketches
After brainstorming many different names, I decided to go with the name "Seven Seas." Seven Seas represents the seven seas that the organization is helping and trying to protect. Since there are many generic logos of the ocean, waves and water in general, my goal is to create a design that stands out, and is memorably distinct. 
New Logo 
The icon symbolizes waves and creates the letter “S.” Additionally, the bottom of the icon aligns like the rhythm of the waves. 
Stationary and Merchandise
The stationary aims to stay consistent with the brand while providing clear communication. The business cards convey Seven Seas' flowy and fun nature. In addition, it speaks to who we they are through simplicity. There are tons of merchandise for our supporters and followers.
New Website
Here's a full preview of the brand book!

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