Starry Night| FUEL Competition | 20" x 16" | Oil Painting
Close up 
FUEL Competition
FUEL Competition is an annual collaboration between Cohber and 12 of Rochester, NY''s Creatives. 2018's FUEL competition was given to the Junior class of RIT's Graphic Design. In which, we could choose any non-profit organization and create one piece (w or w/o folds) to promote the non-profit. At the end, 12 winner would be chosen and their work would be showcased in a calendar designed by Cohber. It was an honor to be one of the 12 winners. 
My Approach 
The non-profit organization I chose was "Make a Wish." I was inspired and moved by their simple goal of granting wishes of children diagnose with a critical illness. It is believed that the wish motivates and encourages the child to stay strong and not give up hope.
I painted an interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night to create the same magical, hopeful feeling. After doing a lot case studies, I was able to learn and utilize Van Gogh's painting techniques. I replaced the green tree in Starry Night with the boy blowing a dandelion and painted the swerved to mimic the Make a Wish logo. In addition, added the star from their logo on the swirls by the blowing dandelion to convey a wish coming true. 

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