Poster Designs
Debatable Topic
Debatable Topic: 8 a.m. classes during college. One conveys why eliminating 8 a.m. classes in college is important and the second one conveys the opposite. Both posters are designed in a manner that work well together, are convincing, and beautiful.
Process and Insights
Proven research that conveys factual points in both sides. This has been one of the biggest controversial topics. Through a thorough research, I found solid facts that prove both topic.
Creeping Lizard
The main goal of this project is to integrate type and imagery into a refined, cohesive piece. Using very minimal yet stylish vector style, I created different variations of a lizard. The reason behind choosing a lizard is because of their overall shape flexibility and movement. 
3 Final Shape Intervals Posters
Process and Insights
Creating different style icon for lizard that still convey its flexibility and purpose. In addition, experimenting with different layouts that enhances the look of the design in order to create a strong composition. 
Poetic Poster
Using principles of direction, hierarchy, rhythm, and synergy, I created a poster that utilizes a collage technique thoughtfully visually and verbally interprets a poetic message. I chose the poem " Secrets Under Trees" by Jessica Knight. Through this project, I experimented with live photography, photoshop effects and laying methods to achieve the final results.
Final Design
Process and Insights
My interpretation of this poem is that it is best to keep secrets hidden and live with the pretty lie. Since the poem talked about summer's green trees, I wanted to show the irony with the vivid and summer contrasting colors. There is a lady "shushing" in the flame to show how secrets can hurt but the poem speaks of keeping them. In addition, the hand has a burn texture to display how "someone can get hurt."
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